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Sunday May 1
The Best Mo.ther's Day (2015)

My s.on walks in on me while I'm changing clothes. He wants to know if I like the flowers he bought me. I tell him that I love the flowers, but I'm still sad because his f.ather is away on a business trip & I"m lonely. I explain that there are things that men do for women that help keep them happy, and my s.on offers to help. I tell him that we shouldn't. It's wrong. But I am so very lonely. I encourage him to undress & lie down, then I suck his cock until he's very hard. He enjoys the blowjob so much that I decide we should try more. Then I ride him & encourage him to make mo.mmy cum. I cum hard on my s.on's cock, then I tit fuck him until he's close to the edge. I give him his very first orgasm by handjob.
The Best Mo.ther's Day (2015)

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Lady Fyre's School for Boys and Good Sissies

You start as a new male student at a school that is now run by me and soon find out that it is quite different from what you expected. I am the new headmistress. The head master was fired for, among other thing, perpetuating toxic traditional gender roles. I have been given complete power over the school which from now on will only be known as "Lady Fyre's School for Boys and Good Sissies". There will be no more girls at this school, they will be educated at a separate location in "Lady Fyre's School for Future Female Leaders", preparing them to take their rightful place in society in the future. Male students will still enjoy a good education (adequate to their intellectual capacities), but the sex ed program is what really stands out. It is actually quite revolutionary: Boys defiling girls by sticking their penises in their orifices is a thing of the past. All boys entering my program will now be placed into one of two groups which I call "alphas" and "sissies". The alphas will be trained for a role that is more similar to the "traditional" male rode model. They get to live out all their dirty fantasies. Just not with real women, but with sissies. I am confident that my gentle, but firm hand will guide them on their way to become eager and presentable cockwhores. You have been chosen as part of my new sissy program. This was based solely upon objective criteria: cock size. The male clothes that you brought in your suitcase have already been taken away and burned. I understand this may all come as a shock to you. Perhaps you don’t see yourself as a sissy and were hoping to be trained as an alpha. You may have some trouble adjusting to becoming a cock-loving, cum-hungry slut. So we will begin slowly. But you will be moving on to real cocks eventually. Soon you’ll be licking, sucking, and riding all the real cocks of the lucky boys in the alpha program.
Lady Fyre's School for Boys and Good Sissies

M.other's Day Present

Mo.m is doing dishes when she spills some water on her new dress. She strips & puts her apron back on to continue doing her chores. She gets turned on by the sight of her own breasts & starts fondling them. She doesn't think anyone is home, so she begins to play with herself, touching her pussy & moaning. You peek around the corner & see her naked, masturbating & you decide to do some masturbating of your own. But she catches you & asks what you're doing home. You quickly hand her the mug you bought her for M.other's Day. She smiles & thanks you but suggests that you're too old now for such gifts. "I can think of something more age-appropriate," she says, and without missing a beat, she gets down on her knees, pulls down your underwear & starts giving you a blowjob. You have no idea what to think about your mo.ther sucking your cock, but you decide now isn't the time for thinking. Your gorgeous moth.er's mouth feels so good. Just when you think it can't get any better, she wraps her tits around your dick & glides them up & down. She's clearly enjoying herself, and she intends to enjoy your cock in other ways too. She tells you to lie down on the kitchen floor & rides you. Her huge breasts are bouncing in your face, and you've never felt anything like this. She turns around & moves her ass on you in magical ways, and you're afraid you're going to blow, but she tells you to fuck her from behind. This is m.om's favorite position, she says, as you do her doggystyle. Her breasts are swinging hard as you pound her, and this is just heavenly. She's so ready for your cum all over her face, she wants it so bad, and she encourages your orgasm with another titjob. Mo.mmy tittyfucks you so good, and she brings you right to the edge. Then you blast your load all over her pretty face. She takes a sip from her new mug and says, "Now that's what I call a good Mo.ther's Day present."
M.other's Day Present

Sunday May 8
Masturbation Addict Therapy: Redirected to Legs

You did the right thing by coming to me. I've seen this problem so much lately. There's so much porn available on the internet, and people are becoming increasingly disconnected. I know how to cure this. You have to be performing the act of masturbation during this therapy in order for it to be effective. Oh this? It's just some visual stimulation. I noticed that you like my legs. I want you to think about the hours of your life you've buzzed jerking off, then I want you to focus on my legs & how they make you feel. You could jerk to them all day, couldn't you? So that's exactly what you're going to do. Once you go home, you're going to use the thought of my legs to keep wanking. I know exactly what I'm doing. Your problem isn't that you're jerking off too much, it's that your brain is too confused by all the different images. Just focus all your sexual energy to my legs, feeling yourself getting closer to orgasm with each stroke. This will help with your addiction. You'll no longer want to look at other women. Visions of my perfection will fill your mind, and you'll find that you're becoming more devoted to me. You'll become addicted to me. This will replace your disgusting masturbation addiction. Sure, you'll want to touch yourself while worshipping me, but it will be a healthier addiction because there's less disconnect between you & another human being. You've been in a dark place, but now you'll feel a renewed sense of vitality. Your stroking will have purpose. Each time you touch yourself, you'll become more addicted to stroking to me. You'll be so grateful to me for curing you of your dirty habit & redirecting your sexual energy.
Masturbation Addict Therapy: Redirected to Legs

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Masturbation Addict Therapy: Permanent Chastity

Chronic masturbation is a common problem, but I'm sure that I can help you. It's interfering with your life, and I recommend hy.pn0therapy. I'm so well-trained that you won't even know it's happening. You'll just feel peaceful & calm, and when you awaken you won't have the problem anymore. I've seen patients who are basically hermits because they jerk off so much. Maybe you're not to that point yet, but you might be one day, so it's good you sought me out. Close your eyes for now & concentrate on the sound of my voice. My voice is leading you to a safe, secure place where healing will happen. Your body is relaxing, your mind is clearing. Your subconscious mind becomes completely open to my suggestions. You're ready to move on. You'll be totally under my control in 5...4...3...2...1 & Snap! I may have lied to you, but that doesn't matter now. I think the only purpose dicks should serve is to please a woman or impregnate a woman. I think masturbation is disgusting a habit like picking your nose. It shows selfishness & an inability to cope with reality. After this session today, you'll go directly to the store, purchase a chastity cage, and lock up your cock for me. It will be locked up for one month, at which time you'll be allowed to masturbate to orgasm once, then you'll put the cage back on. This will feel right to you. It will feel like the perfect solution, and you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. When you awaken, you won't have to urges to masturbate constantly. Once in a while you'll crave sexual contact, but it won't be an overwhelming desire. Until you're able to bring your impulses under control, you will follow this strict chastity regiment. Since you can't control that dirty dick of yours, you need my control. Your penis was stifling all other positive desires, but I've relieved you of that nightmare. When I snap my fingers again, you will awaken and crave chastity. You'll be ready for your new life.
Masturbation Addict Therapy: Permanent Chastity

Friday May 13
Saturday May 14
Big Oiled Butts: Kenzie Love

Kenzie Love is new to House of Fyre, but we're sure you're going to love her. She's sweet, bubbly, and horny. She also has great big natural breasts and a big butt that's perfect for covering in oil and bouncing on a cock.
Big Oiled Butts: Kenzie Love

Sunday May 15
Evil Twin S1ster (2015)

Your girlfriend is sweet and all, but she's such a prude. You've been dating for months & just convinced her to give you a blowjob. You're trying to get into it when the bedroom door opens. Your girlfriend's twin s.ister peeks in. She thinks it's pretty funny to watch her s.ister try to give you head, and she starts to tease you. She starts rubbing herself through her panties & showing off her cleavage. Then she takes off her panties & starts rubbing her pussy. You find yourself wishing she was the one sucking your dick, and you can't concentrate on your girlfriend, who's licking away like a novice. She gets so irritated that you're unable to finish that she tells you to jerk yourself off while she finishes getting ready for dinner, and she leaves you alone with blue balls. Her twin ducks out of the room just in time. You're frustrated & fantasizing about the twin s.ister when she comes into the room & closes the door behind her. She tells you to be quiet & apologizes for her prudish s.ister. She asks if her s.ister has even fucked you yet, and when you tell her that you've not yet done it, she takes pity on you. She lets you play with her tits. You can tell she's having fun being the evil twin. She quickly gets on your dick & starts riding. You can't believe this is happening. Your cock is so hard & throbbing inside your girlfriend's sis.ter. It feels amazing to finally get some pussy. She's an expert at this, and it gets even better when she rides you reverse cowgirl. You know your girlfriend would be devastated, but you don't care. You just want to cum. She milks your cock, her ass thumping up & down, and you're euphoric. You finally explode on her creamy ass. She tells you not to worry; they're twins, and fucking her is basically like fucking her s.ister. "Maybe we'll meet again," she says, and leaves you to clean up your twitching, spent cock. You hope you can keep a straight face at dinner. 
Evil Twin S1ster (2015)

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Friday May 20
Masturbation Addict Therapy: Leg Puppet

(Note: This is a loosely a remake of "Masturbation Addict Therapy: Redirected to Legs," an old clip which I've just posted on this site, but there are lots of differences too because I didn't follow a script.) You've sought me out as a therapist because you're struggling with what you think might be a porn addiction. I reassure you that there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I hear about this all the time now because free porn is everywhere and it's easy to justify watching so much porn when it's free, and it's also easier to lose track of how much you're watching. I think it's important, for your therapy to work, for you to be in the same mindset during our sessions as you're in when you're watching porn. That means jerking off. Yes, in front of me. There's also some small bottles on the table next to you which I want you to sniff during our session. I will instruction you when to sniff. Both of these things will help you get in the right headspace. We address your addictive behavior. I don't believe you're addicted to porn, but I do believe you're chasing an experience that you'll never be able to repeat. I also think you're separating human connection from your sexual experiences. I will help you with both by training you to focus on my legs in pantyhose. From now on, you'll only ever masturbate to my legs in pantyhose.
Masturbation Addict Therapy: Leg Puppet

Saturday May 21
My Two Mo.ms: M.other's Day Gift (2018)

Your two moms have spent the morning in their bedroom, and then they have a leisurely yoga session. You're not sure why they're being so sappy today, but you soon find out. When you walk into the living room, they remind you that it's M.other's Day. You definitely should've remembered that, but it's not like your fa.mily is very traditional anyway. Olivia suggests that you offer to them a gift they both want. She & Alexis were talking about how it's a good thing you didn't cum inside her the last time you had sex at Christmas, but then they got to thinking about how expensive artificial insemination is. You could just cum inside her this time, and maybe she'll get pregnant. Would you help out your two mo.mmies by getting them pregnant?
My Two Mo.ms: M.other's Day Gift (2018)

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Oiled Ink: Cherry Bomb

Coming 05/27/2022

Taurus finds us a brand new beauty from Texas for our second episode of Oiled Ink. Tana is in her first year of shooting porn but she's no newbie to being naughty. After some chatting about who she is, where she is from and what her favorite tattoos are we take her back to our place. The chat continues there followed by some light oil play and then things get extra hot as they proceed to have a lovely oily threesome! They perform many different positions and finish with a double facial. Thanks to Tana and Taurus we have this long awaited sequel to Oiled Ink: Deep Six with Sammie Six to keep you lovers of inked women satiated for another day!
Oiled Ink: Cherry Bomb

Saturday May 28
Jugs for Wiener Hugs: Annabel Redd 2022

Coming 05/28/2022

You loved Annabel Redd so much in her original Jugs scene that we decided to bring her back again. Will Pounder has the perfect energy for this series, and Annabel has a wonderful time wrapping her huge tits around his cock. She strokes him good with her soft fluffy jugs, milking his cock then rides it with her tits swaying until he fucks her from behind in doggystyle. Then she rides him again in reverse cowgirl, they spoon, and he puts her into missionary position, her breasts bouncing. He pull out and cums all over her boobs.
Jugs for Wiener Hugs: Annabel Redd 2022

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