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September 2020
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Morning Sex: Kenzie Madison

Kenzie wakes up next to Laz for a morning romp. She writhes in pleasure as Laz goes down on her, she pays attention with her talented tongue to his morning wood, then she rides him. He finishes their experience together with missionary, and cums on her body.
Morning Sex: Kenzie Madison

Saturday September 5
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Sensual Suite: Olivia Austin

Olivia Austin is the MILF of your dreams with her sultry looks and her blue eyes. The way she moves when she grinding will make you crazy. She loves to suck cock, and she hungrily takes cum in her mouth.
Sensual Suite: Olivia Austin

Saturday September 12
Sunday September 13
Monday September 14
Bratty Coworker Humors Foot Creep

There's 30 minutes until this presentation, and you're so distracted that I know you're going to mess it up. My promotion is riding on this project, you're a creeper, and this is getting weird. I didn't even want you on my team. I did all the work myself and all we have to do is present it. What do you need? Show you my ass? My tits? I really don't care. I'm used to men staring. If you lose this promotion for me, I'm going to be very angry. Tell me right now why you have dick brain. Feet? Fine. I'm going to show you my feet, you're going to jerk off to my feet, we're going to rock this presentation, and then I don't ever want you on one of my teams again. I can't believe I almost lost this promotion because of some weird foot creeper.
Bratty Coworker Humors Foot Creep

Tuesday September 15
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Friday September 18
Arched: Anna Claire Clouds

Anna Claire clearly loves sex. She's so good at it too. From her beautiful arched back, highlighted by her tattoo, to her love for kissing, to her deep throating skills, you can't deny her perfection. Watch her ride Laz, and move with him through sexy positions, making eye contact, rolling her eyes in pleasure, then taking his seed all over her arched back.
Arched: Anna Claire Clouds

Saturday September 19
Sunday September 20
Monday September 21
Preparing for the Gloryhole

I have a surprise for you. You've been talking about trying to suck cock for so long now, so we're going to a gloryhole. I don't think you're quite ready to suck a "man's" cock, like to have the man standing right there in front of you. I think if there's a barrier between you and the man, it will be easier for you right now. Eventually, you'll understand that you're bi, but for now, it's ok to protect yourself and take your time getting used to having a real, fleshy cock in your mouth. Are you excited? You're going to be used. Your mouth will be used, and I know you're going to love it. I'm going to watch while a man shoves his hard, throbbing, anonymous cock down your slutty little throat. In fact, I'm so certain you'll love it that I have a 3rd surprise for you. But first, I want you to practice on my cock.
Preparing for the Gloryhole

Tuesday September 22
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Friday September 25
Welcome to Laz Vegas: Katie Kush

Katie Kush is back at House of Fyre, and she's sporting her summer tan lines. Smoking hot and oh so bendy, Katie struts her stuff on screen and in bed.
Welcome to Laz Vegas: Katie Kush

Saturday September 26
Sunday September 27
Monday September 28
Stepmom's Addiction

I walked in on my best friend playing with her stepson's cock, and at first I was shocked, but the longer I watched, the more intrigued I was. She let me watch her, and I was amazed at how quickly she got him hard. I want to learn from her, so I invited her over to show me how she does it. You remember how nice she is, right? She's going to teach me how to touch you like that.
Stepmom's Addiction

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